Top 5 Best Kids Roller Shoes

Compare the specifications of our top 5 best kids roller shoes in our comparison table below.

Your children have the choice to either walk, run or skate with a pair of roller shoes. They’re comfortable fun, stylish and encourage movement. Now it won’t be such a difficult task to get your kids to go somewhere! Here are 5 of the best kids roller shoes.




Dual Up


Straight Up


Avg. Usr Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Suitable ForLittle Kids / Big KidsLittle Kids / Big KidsLittle Kids / Big KidsLittle Kids / Big KidsLittle Kids / Big Kids
Colors15 Variations7 Variations8 Variations5 Variations6 Variations
ClosureLacesVelcro & LacesLacesLacesLaces
WheelsSingle Low-Profile Pop-Out WheelsDual Low-Profile Pop-Out WheelsSingle Low-Profile Pop-Out WheelsSingle Low-Profile Pop-Out WheelsSingle Low-Profile Pop-Out Wheels

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Average User Rating – This is based on our own research in product testing and user feedback. Clicking on each product takes you to Amazon’s product page where you can read customer reviews on the product you’re interested in.

Best Value / Top Rated / Top Specs / Best Choice – Products that we consider to excel in a certain area such as value for money, reputation or technology have been given one of our aforementioned labels of recognition.

Closure – How are the roller shoes secured? Some models use laces, some use Velcro while others use both.

Wheels – How many wheels are there integrated within the outsole? Most models will use a single wheel while others use two. Most models will allow the wheel to be removed so that they can be used as ordinary sneakers.

Bearings – What type of wheel bearing does the roller shoes have? The job of a wheel bearing is to help something spin with as little friction as possible.

How to Buy a Pair of Roller Shoes


There are many designs and colours that roller shoes are available in for boys and girls. Some designs are similar to trainers or Converse style shoes.

There are hi-top and low top styles that are made faux leather, canvas or suede material. Some styles may have a mixture of these materials.

The soles are made from rubber with grip designs which is durable and will ensure a strong grip for the rider to prevent slipping when riding.

A single or double wheel is fitted near the heel on the sole of each shoe. These wheels are removable and the gaps can be covered up with heel plugs so the shoes can be worn as normal shoes.

Heelys are usually secured with laces but some will have additional Velcro fastening which are usually found on hi-top styles.

Not many have Velcro fastening only so it may be a better idea for young kids or beginners to use the hi-top styles with the additional Velcro fastening.

Many roller shoes have a basic design which is best suited for beginners or general everyday use. However some will have additional features such as grind plates which allow the rider to slide along curbs and rails. Only experienced and extreme riders tend to perform these types of tricks.

Comfort and Fit

The soles on wheelie shoes are thickly padded so the rider will not be able to feel the wheel when the shoes are on. This also provides the rider with comfort even when they have been wearing it for a long time.

Some styles of wheel shoes tend to be padded all around which offers the rider more comfort. This is needed when the rider will need to press down on their heels to stop.

This is ideal for beginners as it helps with their balance and the padding acts as a cushion helping to reduce the risk of injury if the rider was to fall.

Heelys are usually made true to normal shoe sizes so there is no need to get a different size. They come in many sizes but unfortunately, wheelie shoes do not come in half sizes so if your child wears half sized shoes, then it is best to get the next half size up and wear insoles if needed.


Wheels are normally protected with a wheel bracket which is about 3 to 5mm from the outsole which is made with highly abrasion resistant rubber. This ensures the outsole will last 10 times longer than regular rubber.

In addition the wheels are made with high quality polyurethane (PU) rubber which is tough making it durable. However, abrasion cannot be avoided completely so once this wears down, it important to change the wheels as it is no longer safe to be used.

In the case for Heely’s, their roller shoes offer some flexibility as wheels can be removed so they can be used as normal shoes instead.

The gaps in the soles can be covered with heel plugs which will prevent debris getting trapped in the gaps. Keeping the gaps clean will help to prevent damage to the wheel brackets ensuring the shoes last longer.

These shoes with wheels come with one wheel or two wheels. Two wheeled heelys are better for balance which is suitable for beginners or those with a poor sense of balance. Once beginners have got the hang of the wheel shoes, the smaller wheel can be removed.

For more experienced kids, one wheeled roller shoes would be more ideal. It is easier for riders to turn and go faster with one wheel.

Heely shoes have two wheel sizes available which are MEGA and FATS. MEGA wheels are the bigger size which is easier for the rider to maneuver as there is more surface area. It also provides a better balance for the rider. This size would be better suited for beginners.

Finally, roller shoes provide kids with a lot of fun and help to liven up everyday tasks that they will find boring. Not only will it encourage kids to travel on foot but they would be more willingly to get out of the house and be adventurous (with permission of course!).

Here’s the official demonstration video of Heely’s roller shoes in action.

What Are Roller Shoes?

When roller shoes were first released a few years ago, they were all the rage for kids. There’s still a lot of hype around these shoes as they are stylish, cool and a fun way to get around safely.

When children see another child skating past on these shoes, they want to try it out as well which is what keeps the shoes’ popularity going.

The brand Heelys had started the hype with wheelie shoes thanks to Roger Adams’ idea of inserting a skateboard wheel in a pair of sneakers back in 1999.

Since then, this has led to a few manufacturers producing the same style. However, for an authentic experience and quality product, it may be more ideal to get the official brand that started the hype.

These shoes with wheels look like regular trainers but on the bottom of them, there is a wheel or 2 fitted on the sole of each shoe. This gives kids the option to go from walking to gliding or skating in seconds. These are available for adults as well but it is mainly children that use these.

Wheelie shoes have a similar concept to roller skating. However, it is less expensive, there is no need to bring an extra pair of shoes to change and it is a lot safer to roll around in.

There are many benefits to roller shoes as they provide kids with a safe and fun way to exercise as it encourages them to travel on foot with these. Instead of walking slowly and bored to school or elsewhere, they can have fun rolling to their destination.

How Do They Work?

Learning how to use roller shoes is fairly easy but it may take them a few attempts before getting used to them.

Kids that are used to roller skating or skateboarding may be able to pick this up easily. During the learning process, kids should wear safety equipment such as elbow and knee pads, gloves and a helmet so they are less likely to hurt themselves should they fall.

Skating with roller shoes is just a matter of the rider shifting their weight onto their heels. Riders should start off on flat and smooth grounds and then follow these steps:

  1. With their dominant foot, take a step forward whilst lifting the toes up in front of the other foot. The wheel in the front shoe should be touching the floor.
  2. With their back foot, lift the toes up as well so the wheel touches the ground and push off at the same time. The rider should be rolling along smoothly.
  3. To stop, the rider needs to lift their toes up on both feet until their heels are touching the ground and the wheels are no longer on the ground.

Always ensure one foot is in front of the other when riding. If kids are finding it difficult to push off at first, it may be good idea for an adult to pull them along until they are able to do this on their own.