Top 5 Best Swimmable Mermaid Tails

Compare the specifications of our top 5 best swimmable mermaid tails in our comparison table below.

The pleasures of swimming can be made even more pleasurable for kids and adults by wearing a swimmable mermaid tail. Not only does it look majestic, it also helps the wearer with her swimming techniques, particularly the butterfly stroke. Here are 5 of the best mermaid tails for swimming.



Fin Fun

Fin Fun



Cotton Candy

Avg. Usr Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Suitable ForKids (ages 6+) & AdultsKids (ages 6+) & AdultsKids (ages 6+) & AdultsKids (ages 6+) & AdultsKids (ages 6+) & Adults
ColorsBlue / Green / Celtic Green / Pink / Magenta / Rainbow / Red / Sunrise / BlackBlue / Green / Purple / PinkGreen / Turquoise / Pink / Purple / Coral / Mint / Black Shark / OrangeRainbowCotton Candy
Includes Monofin
Includes Backpack

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Suitable For – What age groups are the swimmable mermaid tails suitable for. Some models have a wide range of sizes to cater to kids and adults.

Includes Monofin – The monofin is the tail end of the swimsuit that helps with the kicking motion when swimming. The best models will have a good quality monofin included.

Includes Backpack – Some swimmable mermaid tails include a backpack to carry the swimsuit in.

How to Buy a Swimmable Mermaid Tail

Read the following tips if you’re in doubt about buying a mermaid tail for swimming purposes.


These mermaid tails for swimming come in many gorgeous designs. Each one is unique in colour and pattern but look for ones with realistic looking scales and fins which will ensure an authentic mermaid look. The designs help to give confidence in water to the user wearing this so look for one that will inspire your child.

Usually the monofin comes in black only as this is used in the mermaid tails mostly. Some will come in a grey colour which is ideal as it will match with a shark fin for boys.


Depending on where you purchase your swimmable mermaid tail from, the sizes will vary with each manufacturer. The tails don’t come in standard clothing sizes as manufacturers will go by weight, the length of your legs and waist circumference.

If you find that the tail size offered is not suitable for the user, then check whether the manufacturer does custom sizing as many will have this option.

Monofins will usually come in shoes sizes. This will be in either a junior size or adult size. Junior sizes will roughly fit youth shoe sizes from 11 up to a woman’s size 8 feet. The adult size will roughly fit a woman’s size 5 up to 12.

Check on the manufacturer’s website for accurate sizes though as this varies between different manufacturers.

Some manufacturers will sell the mermaid tail with the monofin as one but the monofin can be removed. However, it is best to purchase these separately as the user’s body size and shoe size may not match the combined costume size. Ensuring a good fit will enable the user to swim freely and safely as well as being comfortable.


It is important to ensure the tail can be opened at the bottom for easy access to the feet. This also means the monofin must be removable. Mermaid tails should have this feature for safety reasons. However, this does not mean that users will be able to walk in the tails.

There should always be adult supervision if the user is a child and the user would need to have good swimming experience.

To be able to use the swimmable mermaid tail, the user will need to know or learn the dolphin kick method. Some manufacturers will provide a safety guide with the tails or on the website so it is worth checking this first.

For parents who are concerned with young children using the tails, there are swimtails designed for younger children which has an opening at the bottom of the tail so they are able to remove the monofin easily and walk in the mermaid tails.

It is best to check that the mermaid tail and monofin meets the Child Protection Safety Commission as well.


Swimmable mermaid tails should be made with breathable swimsuit fabric which usually consist of polyester and spandex fabric. This will give the user flexibility as the fabric stretches and moves with their body. It is important to check the fabric is also lightweight to ensure the user is not weighed down when they are in it.

With monofins, look for ones made with a highly advanced polypropylene material as this is what makes the fin strong and firm. The firmness of the monofin will help give swimmers a powerful thrust in the water as they kick and swim.

The monofin should also be lightweight and flexible to ensure the swimmer does not get weighed down when swimming. Ideally it should also be thin as thick fins can make mermaid tails look bulky and ruin the style making it look less realistic.

Thoroughly drying the monofin after use will prolong the life of it. Users should avoid hitting the fin against hard or rough surfaces which can damage the fin and render it unusable. If the monofin gets damaged, it is important not to use this in water for safety reasons.

Lastly, it is important to purchase a genuine swimmable mermaid tail and monofin as skimping on this can put the user in danger.

Copycat makes usually do not meet the Child Protection Safety Commission. Tails and monofins made from Fin Fun are genuine and is a well-known trusted brand specialising in these so it may be a good idea to start there.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to use a swimmable mermaid tail.

What is a Swimmable Mermaid Tail?

We all know children have a lot of imagination and daydreams which is what makes their playtimes fun. Some dream of being little mermaids inspired by the popular Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid’. Now this dream can come true with swimmable mermaid tails.

Generally, swimtails are geared towards young girls but there are tails available for boys, adult men and women as well.

The mermaid costume usually consists of a separate top and mermaid tail, both of which are made from a swimsuit fabric. To enable the swimmer to swim like a mermaid, a single large flipper is inserted into the mermaid tail to reinforce it.

The flipper is known as a monofin made from plastic and rubber which fits onto the feet. The mermaid tail is designed to wrap around the users legs and the monofin.

The monofin can be purchased separately as well which is ideal if someone already has a swimmable mermaid tail or needs to replace the fin only.

Monofins are great particuarly for boys because they can wear this on their feet without a mermaid tail. This can also be worn with shark fins so they can join in on the fun as well.

Mermaid swim tails can help children with their swimming skills or improve these. Once the tail is on, it is easy for swimmers to kick off and swim faster. This helps them to become confident and stronger swimmers.

These tails are also suitable for children with certain disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

It is completely safe to use these swimtails as they can be easily taken off whether the user is in the water or out.

Best Swimmable Mermaid Tails