Top 7 Best Outdoor Trampolines

Compare the specifications of our top 7 best outdoor trampolines in our comparison table below.

You can never be too old or young to have a bounce around. It’s great exercise and lots of fun too for kids and adults. Here are 7 of the best trampolines for outdoors.

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Jump 'N' Dunk


Jump 'N' Dunk

Super Jumbo




Avg. Usr Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Avg. Usr Rating
ColorBlue / Green / Red / CamoBlueBlue / Green / Red / CamoBlueBlueBlueBlueColor
Size15 ft.17 x 15 Ft.12 ft.4.5 / 6 / 10 / 14 / 16 ft.9 x 15 ft.12 / 14 / 15 ft.10 ft.Size
Jumping Area143 Sq. Ft. 172.8 Sq. Ft.95 Sq. Ft.N/A106 Sq. Ft.N/AN/AJumping Area
Steel Guage161616N/A1242 x 1.5mm Steel TubesN/ASteel Guage
Springs96 x 6.5" 96 x 7" 72 x 5.5"N/A76 x 7.64"72 / 96 / 108 x 7"64 x 5.5"Springs
UV ResistantUV Resistant
Rust ResistantRust Resistant
Max. Weight200 lbs200 lbs200 lbs80 to 330 lbs (depends on size)250 lbs330 or 375 lbs (depends on size)175 lbsMax. Weight

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How to Buy an Outdoor Trampoline

Wondering what you need to consider before buying an outdoor trampoline? Read on to find out.

Design and Construction

A trampoline is made with a strong cloth similar to nylon which is secured over the top of a hollow frame which becomes the jumping platform. The fabric is fastened down to the coiled springs with V ring connectors which will keep the cloth in place. Make sure the fabric is UV resistant to ensure it lasts a long time.

The springs are found on the edge of the frame which is what helps you to bounce. These will help define how well the bounce of the trampoline is.

To ensure there is a good bounce, look for ones with more springs and with long lengths. This will help you to achieve a higher bounce which is great for children but not exercising.

The frame is thick with legs and the top is covered in thick foam like padding with fabric. To ensure your jumping frame lasts a long time, it is best to choose a weld free frame as welded frames tend to be weaker so will break faster.

Look for a thick galvanised steel frame as this is much stronger and more resistant to rust. Having a frame with a UV coating would be ideal as well to prevent damage from the sun’s rays.

The foam padding on the frame protects the jumper from landing onto the coiled springs which can cause serious injury. Push down on the padding to feel the thickness and how well it covers the springs beneath particularly if buying for children. It might be a good idea to aim for at least 20mm thick.

Most bouncers are designed with four legs but you will find some have 6 legs although these are not as popular. Having 6 legs will give more stability when jumping which is particularly ideal if it is a large jumping frame. Unfortunately the legs are not adjustable so the trampoline must be placed on even and flat grounds.


Optional Extras

Some kids trampolines have the option to fold up which is ideal if you don’t have a garden as they can be used indoors. These are mini ones measuring 3 foot in size with padded handles and are best for children aged 3 to 7. It’s important to ensure that the jumping frame is opened up and secured before jumping though.

It may be difficult for children to climb onto the trampoline particularly if they are quite small. To solve this, a special ladder can be used but make sure this ladder attaches onto the trampoline and is non-slip as it will be used outside.

Netted cages can be attached to an outdoor trampoline as a safety measure to prevent children from bouncing off. This is ideal for inexperienced children, young children or if there are multiple children on at the same time. It will also make them feel safer which will help give them a confidence boost when jumping around.

Make sure the safety net fits around the bouncer perfectly as the wrong size can cause potential harm and damage. The poles that hold the net up should also be made with tough galvanized steel and covered in foam padding.


Dimensions and Weight Capacity

The shape of a trampoline varies as it can be circular, rectangular, square or octagon. If it’s for children, then it may be best to opt for a rectangle shape which is the safest option as the springs crisscross each other. This gives more control over the bouncing on the fabric.

Jumping frames come in many different sizes and the one you choose should depend on how many people you intend to be on there or what purpose it is for. However, the weight capacity must be checked as a big trampoline doesn’t mean it can fit more people on, it just provides a larger jumping area.

The maximum weight capacity is as this is dependent on the size and shape of the trampoline. For example, 5 x 5 foot sized bouncers for young children usually has a max weight capacity of 100lbs and 8 x 14 foot sized ones will have a max weight of 200lbs.

If you’re buying for young children, then you should get a mini trampoline. The well-known brand Skywalker have many kids trampolines available for children under 6. These already come a safety net attached and is specifically designed to suit younger children. There are also special extras such as an interactive sound jump mat.

If the trampoline is to be used for group exercise or other activities such as gymnastics or cheerleading, then a square or rectangle trampoline is ideal.

Make sure the size is at least 8’ x 14’ square feet as a bigger jumping area will give enough space for the jumper to move freely. Skywalker trampolines have some of these and they also provide a softer bounce which is ideal.

Here’s a video of two girls learning and doing tricks on a trampoline.

Why Should You Buy a Trampoline?

In today’s society, children have so many ways to keep entertained now. Most of this entertainment revolves around electronic devices such as TV and video games that keep children indoors instead of going outside. This results in a lack of exercise in kids.

With a trampoline, children can have fun and exercise at the same time without realizing it. Some kids do not like sports activities as they usually find it hard to follow the rules as they want to play how they want. There are no game rules to follow with a bouncer except just safety first!

Kids will also be encouraged to go outdoors without getting lost as it will only be in the back garden and prevents excessive use of electronic devices.

A trampoline is not just for fun though as there can be educational impacts on kids. These include:

  • Improvements inLearning Skills: Trampolining helps kids to control their body movements as they learn muscle control and coordination which helps them to learn other stuff easily.
  • Develops Motor Skills: For kids to maintain balance and coordination on the jumping frame, both sides of their brain and body must work in tandem.
  • Teaches Patience and Perseverance: Encourages kids to watch, listen and learn specific skills for themselves.

As we all know, children are always hurting themselves so it is perfectly understandable if you are concerned for your child’s safety on an outdoor trampoline.

To prevent children from bouncing off, netted cages can be put up. These netted cages are made of a soft elastic nylon material and surrounds the edge of the trampoline.

Trampolines are not just for kids though as adults can use this for exercising too. Most people tend to dread exercising but with this, it’s a great way to stay in shape or a way to bounce back to health whilst having fun at the same time.

Trampolining is a form of low-impact aerobic exercise and has many benefits which include the following:

  • Uplifts Moods:When jumping on a bouncer, endorphins are released which makes you feel happier. Even without these, you will have so much fun jumping that you’ll be laughing with joy.
  • Improved Sense of Balance: Trampoline floors are soft and bouncy which makes you aware of your balance.
  • Great For Your Heart: Increases your heart rate which makes oxygen circulate around your body more efficiently.
  • Strengthens Joints, Tendons and Ligaments: Reduces your chances of some arthritis in the future or at least reduce the pain.
  • Great For Flexibility: Your muscles are strengthened.
  • Strengthens the Musculoskeletal System: Jumping actions will give some pressure to bones which strengthens bone density. This can help to prevent broken bones, bone disease and osteoporosis.

The above points are also beneficial for your child’s health which can help them in the long run.

Best Trampolines

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your outdoor trampoline lasts a long time, cover it with a trampoline cover. This is particularly ideal if your trampoline sits outside where it can be damaged by the weather and get dirty.

Look for a cover with elastic edging that fits perfectly because if it is too small or big, debris can get in or it can get damp which will cause mould. The elastic edging will keep the cover attached despite the weather conditions. Make sure your cover is made of a strong material that is also UV resistant to protect your trampoline fabric.

In windy conditions, it is possible for your trampoline to get blown over which can damage it. To prevent this from happening, use an anchor kit to secure it down. Anchors are used to secure the trampoline into the ground and the webbing attaches to the trampoline.

Having a trampoline will provide hours of fun for children as well as giving them the much needed exercise. However it’s always important to follow the safety precautions when children are on it or if you are using one yourself. It’s no fun when an accident happens when using a trampoline so do all you can to avoid one.